H R ( Human Rights ) Vintage 1991 Tour Shirt

H.R. (Hunting Rod or Human Rights)
This Vintage HR tour shirt is very rare & I got this one on their tour as HR's Tour Coach Driver ! He Leased one of my many coaches & at the Booling agents request I was asked to drive due to my huge experiance with lead singers. Great college tour too !! He was doing a solo tour 1991 of Colleges ! H.R. (Hunting Rod or Human Rights) (born 11 February 1956) is the stage name of Paul D. Hudson, the lead singer of the hardcore punk band Bad Brains. His vocal delivery is very diverse, ranging from a rapid-fire nasal whine, to feral growling and screeches, to smooth near-crooning or staccato reggae rhymes. He has departed the band periodically to pursue solo efforts that are more mellow reggae than Bad Brains' usual punk/metal offerings. He is the older brother of Earl Hudson, Bad Brains' drummer. This shirt is in good condition / XL

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